Gone South 120 - Virginie, Marie & Arnaud

We've gone south for 120 days & invite you to join us (if only from a distance) on our trip through Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia & Peru. The initial idea of doing it by car was temporarily abandoned due to lack of funds to rent a car. This obviously doesn’t rule out the purchase of a car somewhere along the road. Should you want to see what we're seeing, doing and enjoying, come back here & drop us a line! We'll try to keep this blog updated with photos & comments. Enjoy it!

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Monday, April 24, 2006

Beaching it in Buzios

A game of palette on Geribà

Geribà beach

As always we were on the party boat

Working on our tan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello guys,
wow I had kind of forgotten about your blog and today i thought of having a peak... oh the things you have seen and lived, so amazing, and I must admit that as I sit here in my gloomy parisian office looking at your pictures, I am crying at the memories of my own experiences of South America... that's when reality hits you really. Enjoy the little time you have left out there, and don't look forward to coming home really nothing has changed!!! a big big kiss and hugs to the three of you. look forward to hearing your comments live!!!

1:48 pm  
Anonymous Henry said...

Hey all!!!
It's me again, but now i'm healthy again.
Again some wonderfull pictures of what seems to be a wonderfull place on earth(Rio).
But I can't say you have to go to Rio for the weather because for the moment it's really hot and sunny here in Antwerp and I hope it will last a bit.
But here it's the hard way of life: school, work, ... and no beaches, coconuts, seas, ...
I don't know when you're coming home actually but I know it won't be long anymore. I'd say, have a splashing and fantastic end of the big trip, have much fun and don't forget there's more to see but beaches, waves and the little sunny ;)
(En zet Rio maar eens op zijn kop vóór jullie terugkomen) ;)
I hope to see you soon again!


5:50 pm  
Anonymous Fred&co said...

Tjs aussi belles et amazing vos photos!! Marie, on t'attend avec impatience! Ici nous n'avons jamais eu autant de boulot (150 TP en attente la semaine passée!!!!).
Donc pas de soucis à te faire, nous avons tjs besoin de toi et plus que jamais ;-)
Malheureusement, bien qu'on en parle souvent, nous n'avons pas eu bcp le temps de visiter votre blog... Et comme dirait Elisa hier mercredi : demain c'est déjà jeudi "c'est dingue" et Marie revient déjà dans 2 semaines "Ca c'est vraiment dingue"! :-)
A tout bientôt!

8:16 am  

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