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We've gone south for 120 days & invite you to join us (if only from a distance) on our trip through Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia & Peru. The initial idea of doing it by car was temporarily abandoned due to lack of funds to rent a car. This obviously doesn’t rule out the purchase of a car somewhere along the road. Should you want to see what we're seeing, doing and enjoying, come back here & drop us a line! We'll try to keep this blog updated with photos & comments. Enjoy it!

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Monday, April 24, 2006

Uma belleza!

Hello from Búzios!

As you may have realised, the amount of posts on the blog have steadily declined (actually, save Virginie´s last post, there are no posts) since we´ve returned to Brazil... This is in no way related to any lack of enthousiasm or home blues, nor is it related to Virginie´s chronic lack of cash... Brazil just happens to be paradise on earth and Brazilians are the angels... and there simply is no moment during the day or night that one of us turns to the others saying "let´s go and find an internet café and keep the blog updated"... Today, however, we´ve decided that duty calls and that some communication with the home country as well as an update of the blog is highly overdue.

Problem is... I don´t know where to start... The entire trip has been fantastic but there are just no words for what Brazil is... Whereas the nature in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia is of such vastness and sheer beauty, from the stunning lakes and glaciers in the south, the magnificent sealife in the east and the awe-inspiring Bolivian altiplano, and the culture and people of Bolivia is of such colour, Brazil just happens to have everything lined up to make it the greatest place on this planet to be and let be...

Cariocas (inhabitants of Rio) say that God made the rest of the world in six days, and devoted the seventh to Rio... I now know that it´s true! I know that you would all understand our lack of commitment to the blog at this very moment, if you knew Rio de Janeiro.

So, we´ll be heading home soon to enjoy summer in Europe, see all of you and get back to real life... But there´s no way Brazil got rid of me that easily... I'll be back!

Papi: You will soon wish you never asked about Brazil and Rio... You will beg for us to talk about anything else! Hasta pronto! xxx
Martin: You never warned us about this! C u soon!


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