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We've gone south for 120 days & invite you to join us (if only from a distance) on our trip through Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia & Peru. The initial idea of doing it by car was temporarily abandoned due to lack of funds to rent a car. This obviously doesn’t rule out the purchase of a car somewhere along the road. Should you want to see what we're seeing, doing and enjoying, come back here & drop us a line! We'll try to keep this blog updated with photos & comments. Enjoy it!

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I had tears in my eyes when we left Paraty

Actual date of text – 1 May 2006

I meant to write sooner - when we arrived in Paraty - about how we'd returned to where we had started this 4 month adventure. The eternal excuse... a slow internet connection.
Walking the familiar road from the bus station to Pouso do Atobà, our humble home in Brazil, and entering the gates made me realise how quickly our journey has passed - a wave of sadness came over me. Thankfully with just a moment's reflection I remembered everything we'd seen and done and was reminded that time stands still nowhere when noticing the changes around me. New decking, new lights, Mel (the puppy four months ago) all grown up... returning to this familiarity was a luxury and the only thing we were interested in was lazing by the pool enjoying the sun filled days!

Only Edouardo, the fun loving Atobà owner's kind propositions got us to move. One afternoon for an exqusite fish and caipirinha washed meal on an island with 6 of his gay friends (forget the budget) and another to the cashueras (waterfalls) and lunch where only the locals know it's good.For the rest we satyed at "home", hung around the pool chatting to Dado, read, cooked in and went to bed early.

Today did however come around and it was time to leave. We were felt sorry for by Edouardo's brother in law when he saw us all strapped into our very heavy backpacks - remember how we'd left a significant amount of our stuff at Atobà in January when we realised we needed to make our load lighter - well it all had to fit back in - so he, kind hearted Brazilian that he is, gave us a lift to the station. Dado accompanied to say goodbye and now, since I formulated this text on paper in the bus to Rio, we're heading towards our last days in South America.

We've chosen familiarity once more by returning to Sofhia's B&B in Ipanema and denying another kind Edouardo gesture - his flat in Copacobana.Leaving Sofhia's will make our Rio goodbye much harder, tears will flow, but that's for in 6 days time...

Big hugs, Marie


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Marie, Virgine & Arnaud,

More than a month has passed since Chile/Bolivia.
Luckily your blog makes daily (business)life easier. Whenever I am sitting in the office being stressed I take my time to read your letters. Reading the blog brings joy and ideas what to visit next. Afterwards I feel more relaxed. Merci.
I know it is hard to return ...but on the other hand you are lucky. Summer just started last weekend. People on the streets are smiling and in good mood. Birds are singing and the trees and flowers are covered with blossoms. The air smells good.
Have a nice last week in Brazil and good luck to you.
Maybe I will be in my "old home" Brussels this summer for a weekend. I will let you know and perhaps you have time for a drink.
Ciao, Martin (Schell / 4x4-trip to Uyuni)

3:38 pm  

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